It's always the season for awesome nail stamping. Check out some new stamping plates from Lesly! Spots 2 lets you get creative with spots, rings, wavy lines, blobs and more, Spots 1 brings simple solid spots, dots, and shapes of blobs, Simplicity 1 lets you get creative with simple patterns that can make manis exquisite with confetti, dots, circles, diagonal lines, vertical lines, chevrons, triangles, rectangles, squares, and wavy lines, Factura 1 adds textures of wood grain, splats, gradient, oil slicks, geodes, leaf, lips, dots, triangles, cracked glass, smudges, and  squiggly lines, and Factura 2 brings fingerprint, oil slicks, marble, leaves, blobs, splatters, cracked glass, words, spiderweb, and so much more for creative nail art looks.

Restock with Be Creative 2 that lets you mix and match your own vibe with splats, lines, squiggles, blots, dots, triangles and more along with a variety of flowers and leaves, get edgy with Imaginarium 1with designs of fairy, whale, Cheshire Cat, moon, sea horse, bottle, aliens, planets, and more, and Trash Polka 1 has designs of skulls, skeletal bones, bear, tiger, voodoo doll, flames, dog, dragons, snakes, scorpion, spider, splatters, barbed wire, chains and more! Plus get your winter vibes on with Winter Mood 1 full of wintery designs of forest scenery, sweater, snowflakes, reindeer, ornaments, bird, string of lights, penguin, Winter Mood 2 has different designs of snowflakes, reindeer, knitting stitches, branches, pine cones, igloos and lots more, and Winter Mood 3 includes snowflakes, ornaments, Christmas trees, Santa, snowman, reindeer, stocking, and more!