Please note, our rewards program did not start until October 10th, 2018 and we are unable to retroactively give rewards points for orders before this date.


In order to collect points you have to enroll in our rewards program in addition to having a shopping account. Just having a Shopping Account without enrolling will not enable the Rewards program. Joining the Whats Up Nails rewards system is simple and easy and will help you save on all your nail products. Everything happens through the rewards menu which you will find in the lower right hand corner of any page on our website.

When you open the menu it will look like the following:

If you are signed into your Whats Up Nails shopping account and enrolled in our Points program you will be shown your current points. You can skip to the Redeeming section below to learn how to redeem your points!

If you are not currently logged in to your Whats Up Nails shopping account when you click the Join Now button it will take you to the account creation page. If you have a shopping account you can click Sign In and use the login page. After logging in (or creating) a shopping account when you open the rewards menu you will see a Join Now button, when clicked it will enroll your shopping account.

Earning Points

The Whats Up Nails Points can be earned through each purchase in store or online. One point is earned per dollar spent and can be redeemed for coupons off your future orders. The following rewards are currently active for all customers.

  • $3 Off - 100 Points
  • $10 Off - 250 Points
  • $25 Off - 500 Points

The longer you wait to redeem your points the higher the reward and maximum savings will be reached at 500pts.


Redeeming Whats Up Nails rewards points is simple and can be completed through the rewards menu on the bottom right hand corner of our site.

The reward menu will popup, if you are not logged in it will prompt you to login or signup. See above about enrolling, click the Sign In link to go to our login page to sign into your Whats Up Nails shopping account. After logging in you can click on the rewards menu again and you will see an option called "All Rewards".

Based on how many points you've earned you will have an option to redeem three different coupons. If they are available to you based on your points then you can click one and start the process to create your reward coupon.

After clicking a reward your Whats Up Nails rewards points will be consumed and the system will generate a coupon code you can use during checkout on your next purchase. You can copy/paste this code from this menu or a followup email will be delivered to you with the coupon code.