Lina Nail Art Supplies 6 new plates starts with letting your nails trance off into a land of exotic patterns with new U Tropic! 01 stamping plate that'll really give your nails a new tribal beat to dance to, keep up the heat with a new summertime plate filled with tropical leaves, pineapples, flamingos and more fire hot fun with 4 Seasons - Summer 04 stamping plate.

Stained Glasstic! 01 will break your art out into a new type of beauty with beautiful stained glass designs of flowers, butterflies, dragonfly, birds, and more, and Make Your Mark 09 dives off into an artistic world filled with cherry blossoms, daisies, animal print, butterflies, squiggles, oil slick patterns and more.

Create delicate line work nail art with lips, roses, butterflies, dragonfly, flamingo, eye, deer, lobster, and more with new Get In Line! 01 stamping plate, and finally layer stamp to your hearts desire with alien, eyes, lips, peace sign, butterflies, cactus, flamingo, cupcake, and much more on new plate Oh My Patch! 01! Check out these hot new 6, plus all the other restocked goodies from Lina Nail Art Supplies here!