Dazzle your nails with Starrily! We've restocked on glistening faves like Magic Rainbow, Eclipse, and La Vie En Rose- but we'll cut to the chase and get you over to the new goods! Get addicted with green polish Catnip, or stare shimmer dead in the eye with holographic blue Cat Eyes. Hunt for shimmering perfection with The Headless Horseman, or let those happy hormones flutter with deep red holographic Dopamine. Create nails with dimension with shimmering polishes (complete with stunning iridescent hues) with Clockwork Roses and Bean Toes.

Add some effects to your nail game with spooooky green to red thermal polish Zombie Blood or create mythical magic with Mermaid Lagoon's purple to teal change. Magnetize those nails to beauty with purple, green, and blue magnetic polish Andromeda or red, gold, and green magnetic polish Nova - don't forget to grab a dual ended magnet to make the magic happen with Starrily's Magnet! Check out all of Starrily's shimmering beauties here.