Get ready for some glittery fun with NEW CadillacquerIn the Depth of Winter Collection features some thermal goodies - Lullaby a blue, to purple, to light green tri-thermal polish mixed up with light pink various sized glitters, Nostalgia a purple, to medium blue, to light blue tri-thermal mixed with color shifting red/orange iridescent glitters in various sizes, and Defiance a red to pale red polish filled with various sizes of turquoise glitter! Also check out gray flakie filled Winter Sky and blue with orange glowing flakies Ice + more here!

Create brilliantly bright nails with the Halloween 2019 Collection with spectacular finds like blackened teal jelly with neon circle glitters Nocturnal, neon green to yellow thermal mixed with various sizes of purple glitters and square purple glitters Wicked, and bright fuchsia polish mixed with orange and purple various sized glitters Wrath and get to creating nails to die for.