Cadillacquer is here to restock your shelves with fun favorites nails don't want to miss out on. A Bad Dream wards off nightmares with a purple flash reflective base with color shifting shimmer of teal to purple, Cradle Of Echoes repeats its beauty onto nails with soft sea green jelly that is loaded with iridescent shimmer and flakies that color shifts colors of pink, purple, orange and green, Getting Stronger picks nails up and helps them shine bright with its blue flash reflective with duochrome shimmer, Little Things helps you stop to appreciate beauty with gray base with pink glitters in various sizes and multi-chrome flakies, Morning Glory wakes nails up with an amazing mood with light blue jelly and various sizes of yellow hexagon glitter, Rose Garden helps nails pick a stunning vibe with light pink jelly and bright red hexagon glitters with various sizes, The Dark adds balance with green base with color shifting flakies and purple flash reflective glitter, Wait For Me is worth the time with its white base jelly that has multi-colored multi chrome flakies, and Wild Horses releases a natural beauty to be seen with flash reflective glitter with color shifting shimmer of blue and purple. Check these restocked baddies + many more out here

The news you've really clicked for. An exclusive polish has hit the shelves. Check out What to Dew? a deep teal with flash reflective glitter and metallic purple glitters in various sizes for a vibrant sparkle.