Drip some haunted spirit onto your nails with the launch of Cadillacquer's new Fall/Halloween 2020 Collection! Get straight to the point with raspberry red jelly nail polish with a mixture of teal and blue glitter I'm Here to Save the World From Evil. Again and taupe grey crelly nail polish with some chrome color shifting flakies My Perfect Silence. Or go unpredictable with thermal polishes including limited edition May Queen, a flashy orange (cold) to lighter orange (warm) thermal nail polish with gold iridescent flakies, blue-ish grey (cold) to purple (medium) to light green (warm) thermal nail polish that includes red metallic glitter and blue iridescent flakies You'll Float Too, and bright blood red glitter, this tri-thermal nail polish that changes from a orangey red (cold) to yellow (medium) to light green (warm) Redrum will have your nails looking like a cardinal sin. Check all the new polishes out here!