Hold onto your nail polish brushes, because Cirque Colors is unleashing not one, but TWO dazzling collections that will have your nails looking fabulous. Introducing the Mxmtoon Collection and the Vegas-themed Kelli Marissa Collaboration – prepare for a color explosion that'll make your fingertips the talk of the town!

Say hello to the Mxmtoon Collection, a vibrant lineup of 6 sassy shades that'll have your nails partying like never before! Porcelain Plum: Let nails beauty come to full bloom with this orchid purple polish kissed by pink shimmer and a sprinkle of holographic that'll make your nails the life of any soirée. Introverde: Dive into turquoise waters with this green wonder, accompanied by a pink-gold-green aurora shimmer and delicate holographic shimmer for the ultimate mermaid vibes. Gogh Away: Butter up your nails with a sunny yellow jelly polish that's like sunshine in a bottle – the perfect remedy for a dull day. Glitter Glue: Turn your nails into a canvas of dreams with this pink-tinted clear jelly base with rainbow iridescent flakies. It's like a disco ball for your fingertips! Fuyu Jelly: Satisfy your citrus cravings with a persimmon orange jelly polish that's as juicy as it is vibrant. Crying Contest: Shed tears of joy with this periwinkle blue polish featuring gold shimmer and delicate holographic sparkle that's the definition of elegance meets fun.

Get ready for a glitzy Vegas adventure with the Kelli Marissa X Cirque Colors Collection, a spectacular assortment of 6 polishes that are a sure to be a winner for your nails. 777: Roll the dice and paint the town red with this rich red jelly with deep gold metallic flakes. Your nails will be feeling lucky, trust us. All In: Bet on this sprout green jelly polish, boasting holographic pigment and a red-orange-gold aurora shimmer that'll make your nails steal the spotlight. Golden Nights: Be the light in the darkness with this black jelly polish, set ablaze with deep metallic gold flakes that'll give your nails an elegant edge. Venetian Sky: Take a trip to the stars and back with this blurple holographic polish, complete with fuchsia-gold-green aurora pigment that's out of this world. Ethel: Dive into the forest with this dark green jelly polish featuring holographic pigment and a red-gold-green aurora shimmer that'll make your nails sing with enchantment. Flaminglow: Turn up the heat with this warm-toned pink jelly polish with holographic pigment and a gold-green-blue aurora shimmer that's hotter than the Vegas strip. Add an extra dose of pizzazz with Kelli Marissa Stickers – nail art that's straight from the Vegas lights to your fingertips.

And if that's not enough, glam up with new nail charms, including: Starry Night Charms: Metallic stars, delicate lines, and sparkling rhinestones (available in silver and gold). Coquille Charms: Shine like a mermaid with metallic seashells and pearl decorations, (available in silver and gold). Kawaii Charms: Embrace Harajuku style with adorable anime icons, diamonds, stars, moons, flowers, hearts, and dots – it's like a party for your nails! Celestial Charms: Reach for the stars with star, moon, and dot charms, (available in gold and silver). Hocus Pocus Glitters: Enchant your nails with metallic four-point stars in a kaleidoscope of colors.