Everyone has been raving about our eyeshadow brushes and we've been seeing them showing up in so many influencer videos! Unfortunately, that also means they were popular and we ran out after Geodes Collection was launched and we’re finally restocking today!


Handmade in Japan by artisans, these brushes will last a lifetime with proper care so jump on the restock and get the ones you think will make a good addition to your collection!

Our natural hair eyeshadow brushes are showing how easy you can pick up from the pan and blend with the proper tool. Made from uncut and undyed hairs, the bristles of this brush are soft to the touch but coarse compared to synthetic. This means a natural hair brush can grab and blend more pigment during use.


Japanese made from high quality components like hornbeam wood with a durable brass ferrule, this brush already stands out but then we made the handle pink to brighten your day!