Fall is just about here, and that means it's time to upgrade your nail game with KBShimmer's dazzling new It's Fall About You Collection! Get ready to embrace the season with a stunning autumn palette with color-shifting shimmer, holographic flakies, and more. Plus, treat yourself to some sweet pampering with new delightful sugar scrubs. Let's dive right in!

The Perfect Match: Picture a sheer silver/white base adorned with mesmerizing copper reds, peachy oranges, warm golds, and light greens. It's the perfect match for your fall wardrobe!

Ripped Apart: Feeling a bit edgy? Try this dark blue base with deepened blue flash reflective glitter. It's bound to turn heads and make a bold statement.

Ready to Throw Down: Take your nails to the next level with a dark blue base packed with sparkly holo flakies and a magnetic effect of fuchsia, purple, and pink. Get ready to throw down some serious style!

Patch Things Up: Transition smoothly into fall with this red-ish orange polish featuring color-shifting gold and hints of red, pink, and light green shimmer. It's the perfect polish to patch things up with your nail game.

Let The Beet Drop: Dive into deep purple elegance with this polish, complete with flash reflective glitter. Let the beet drop as you shine through the season.

I Can't De-Cider: It's decision time with this multi-chrome warm copper base shifting from yellow to gold and light green, accented with holographic flakies. We can't de-cider whether it's fall perfection or pure magic!

Go Big or Gourd Home: Don't miss this blue base polish with green color-shifting shimmer, copper orange, warm gold, pops of pink. It's time to go big or gourd home!

Core Values: Show off your core values with this shimmering dark red polish that color-shifts from maroon to brick red, plus flashes of gold and dark pink. It's all about staying true to your nail style.

Along For The Ride: Join us on a nail journey with this dark purple multi-chrome polish, transitioning from burgundy and magenta to surprising pink and fuchsia tones. With holographic flakies and rainbow glitters, you'll want to be along for the ride!

But wait, there's more! Pamper your hands with 4 new sugar scrubs:

  • Sweet Then Sour: Get refreshed with the tart lemonade and sweet raspberry goodness.
  • Rainbow Shaved Ice: Experience a burst of fruity joy with orange, peach, raspberry, and hints of lemon, vanilla, and strawberry.
  • Pretty Grape: Dive into juicy grape scents and let your hands soak up the sweetness.
  • Caffe Latte: Wake up and rejuvenate with the rich espresso scent, complemented by hints of cream and vanilla.

Fall into fabulous this season with stunning new nail polishes and sweet scrubs and get ready to shine and pamper yourself because, with KBShimmer, you're always in style!