Slide into unique nail art in a flash with tons of new and restocked goods from Fashion Nails Water Decals!! With 7 different styles, and over 100 patterns to choose from, you'll have a blast trying out these sliders. 

Toe nail art is a breeze now with some new  Pedicure decals! No more fumbling and fussing around trying to get small details on now!

Check out the AEROgraphy Collection for an assortment of artistic stenciled and transparent decals that provide a magical element to your nail art. The Galaxy Collection will give you tons of beautiful holographic patterns to add some sparkle. Or the 3D Collection with a plethora of designs that pop out and give your nails new dimension. 

Add some more dazzling delight with 3D Crystal - amazing dimensional designs with added crystals! Or the White Collection with several designs that really spring to life. Get that foil look without all the hassle with the Metallic Collection.

Check out all the amazing water decal sliders from Fashion Nails here!