Drawing our inspiration from the naturally occurring world around us, the new Geodes Collection offers color normally locked away in the crust of the earth. Just like cracking open a real geode, this collection surprises with its color story and delivers on a crystalline finish of shimmers and earth toned mattes for both eyes and nails. 

Collection includes an eyeshadow palette and 6 matching colors of nail polishes. Palette features 5 duochromes, 2 iridescents and 5 creamy mattes. Polishes feature 2 gem encrusted, 1 matte, 2 duochromes and 1 creme finish.  

Available now on our site WhatsUpBeauty.com and in store in Chandler, AZ!


Made in Italy

Cruelty Free, Clean

MSRP $41

Formulated without Talc, Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, Gluten, Soy, Petrolatum, Fragrances.

If staring into the cracked open insides of a geode ever made your imagination run wild then our new palette will bring these sensations to your makeup routine. The experience starts from the packaging with a holographic gem encrusted seam running the length of the palette. When you open the convenient travel friendly packaging you are met with a versatile set of pressed powders letting you create sophisticated neutral looks or add a little sparkle for the nightlife.

Palette includes 12 colors:

  • Rock: light brown creamy matte
  • Crystal: blue to purple iridescent duochrome foil
  • Amethyst: dark purple duochrome metallic
  • Citrine: light gold iridescent metallic
  • Peridot: green to blue duochrome foil
  • Clay: khaki brown creamy matte
  • Rose Quartz: light pink pearl satin
  • Agate: pink to orange duochrome foil
  • Rhodonite: dusty rose creamy matte
  • Earthlike: brown metallic with green to purple duochrome shimmer
  • Lava: mustard creamy matte
  • Terra: brown creamy matte

Made in USA

Cruelty Free, Vegan, Clean

MSRP $12.75 each

21 free formulated without Toluene, Formaldehyde, Phthalates, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide and other potentially harmful ingredients. 

When you want better, you demand your beauty products are free from harmful chemicals and to deliver we provide our 21 free nail polish formulation. In addition, our polish is made from all clean ingredients, and we didn't sacrifice performance to attain this level of quality. We are still ahead of the curve with self-leveling and fast drying properties as well as boasting a paddle brush with rounded edge to match your nail shape and to slather on your polish in fewer strokes.

The Geodes collection of 6 nail polishes was inspired and designed to match our Geodes Eyeshadow Palette. In addition we are introducing a new Gem Encrusted formula of our regular nail polishes. These polishes are saturated with duochrome shimmer in semi-transparent base color, use them with a glossy top coat for extra sparkly finish or without for textured subtle sugar like finish.

Crystal Nail Polish

Crystal (Gem Encrusted) - purple sheer base with blue to violet sparkly duochrome shimmer. Use with a glossy top coat for an extra sparkly finish or without for textured subtle sugar like finish.


Agate Nail Polish

Agate - metallic pink nail polish with small duochrome flakies that shift from pink to orange.


Rhodonite Nail Polish

Rhodonite (Matte) - creme dusty rose one-coater nail polish with velvet matte finish.


Earthlike Nail Polish

Earthlike (Gem Encrusted) - Brown sheer base with green to purple duochrome shimmer. Use with a glossy top coat for an extra sparkly finish or without for textured subtle sugar like finish.


Peridot Nail Polish

Peridot - duochrome nail polish that shifts from green to blue.


Clay Nail Polish

Clay - creme khaki brown one-coater nail polish with glossy finish.