We're almost out of winter which means it's time to turn up the heat on stamped nail art! Lina Nail Art Supplies is here to help with a restock of some amazing stamping plates. Get ready for spring with several stunning floral patterns, blooming flowers, butterflies, and adorable happy phrases with Spring 01, kiss up to your nails with All About Love 02 featuring heart shaped lollipops, cupids shooting bows, heart patterns, and lips, if elegant doodles are your style, Let's Doodle 03 offers floral stamping in many varieties, or negative effect with cool images like bats, hearts, geometric patterns, flowers, modern designs can create the perfect look with Totally Negative 03. Check all the Lina Nail Art Supplies plates here! Plus store them away in style with Holo-Flip folders available in Black, Pink, Blue, and Silver.

Gotta add that color to stamped nails, so why not pick up some stunning show stoppers?! Show off your dinosaur side with metallic green stamping polish Call Me Rex! Hit the town with rich light brown metallic stamping polish Shopping in Cape Town, or stamp with confidence with slower drying, thick, pigmented black creme stamping polish Stamp Stick Black. Top it all off with Fearless Top Coat for the perfect finish. Check out all the Lina colors here.