Don't let the stamping stop with tons of new products from Maniology!

Grab some new material to keep nails fresh and fun. Check out new plates M268, All About the Argyle with 12 different beautiful argyle patterns, chevron, and fishnet, M304 Boo-gie French and get down with spooky dripping french tips and accent with stars and little bats, candy, ghosts, spiders, and more, M318 Chillin' and Grillin' fills nails appetite with tons of foods and cooking accessories, stamp into action with M325 Comic Book with all your retro comic book patterns, bubbles, and phrases, M311 Friendly Ghosts brings cuteness to Halloween with skulls, dressed up candy corns, jack-o-lanterns, creepy borders, spiders, bats, ghosts, quotes, and tiny monsters, M258 Imaginary Lines brings simple designs to life with unique images of flowers, lines, and objects, M271 National Alliance on Mental Illness gives your nails a cause worth stamping for with designs of butterflies, stars, rainbows, flowers, brain, sun, clouds, encouraging quotes, and more! Check out these and so many more here!

Add amazing splashes of color and pops of depth with new stamping polishes including pearl gray Cloudburst, pearl navy Cosmos, shimmering black Ghoul Pal, purple Mangosteen, duochrome purple Stellar, metallic orange Toco Toucan, cream coral Watermelon Float, and so many more here! Also check out a restock on heavenly haunted metallic colors black Raven, green Malice, and ruby Slasher

Top it all off with some supportive tools that are always needed.. Check out new 3-Tier Swatch Sticks, Self-Adhesive Swatch Dots to organize your collection available in Clear and White, and Magnetic Nail Tip Stand Holder and Storage Container - Silver Tin and expand your nail art horizons!