MoYou London is here with a restock on 3 of the Jurassic Park Plates! Jurassic Park 04 dinosaurs, Jurassic Park 02 dinosaurs, claw marks, palm leaves, DNA pattern, footprint, and Jurassic Park 01 and footprint, claw marks, palm leaves, computer, DNA, quotes. Grab yours and get your dinosaur on!

Also, be ready to take a bite into some really cool nail art with the launch of four new JAWS plates! Jaws 01 dives in with sharks, anchors, palm tree, starfish, splashes, waves, beach ball, umbrella, quotes, heart and more, Jaws 02 swims deeper with layering designs of umbrella, clouds, moon, sun, palm tree, surf board, man, woman, shark, jaws of a shark, waves, Jaws 03 gets nautical with designs of sharks, rope, fishbone, bubbles, surf boards, hook, anchor, quotes, waves, and Jaws 04 tops it off with sharks, ocean waves, splats, quotes, fishbones, and the JAWS logo.