Line your pockets, and nails, with tons of new awesome stuff from Moyra! Check out several new stamping plates including flora, fauna, and fruits on 125 Esquisse, nature through glass with 122 Stained Glass 2, bold patterns and elegant floral accent with 121 Shine On, study up and travel outer space with 119 Scientist, and add depth with silhouettes from the garden with 116 Shadowplay. Also, don't miss out on a restock of 93 Blossometry 2 with blossoming flowers and geometric shapes, 83 Fall in Love with autumn time treasures and spooky spectacles, 107 Botanical with flowers, leaves, butterflies, beetles, ladybugs, grass hoppers, and mushrooms, plus so many more you do not want to skip!

Bring stamped designs to life with stamping gel polishes available in Black and White for long lasting stamped nail art or add new Moyra Glitters over top! There is 5 new Spotlight glitters available now - 05 Silver, 04 Blue03 Red02 Gold, and 01 Silver! Mix it up and try out some foil stamping polishes (including new FP09 Pink) to adhere your favorite foils! We have a restock of Easy Transfer Foils and Magic Foils that nails will go crazy for! Check them out here - and also take a peak at new Foil in a Jar available in Rose Gold, Gold, and Silver to add some spruce to your next set.

Top your haul off with some great supporting supplies to help you achieve perfect nail art like ProFile 180/180 and nail art brushes including Acrylic Jewelry Brush, Kolinsky Hair #8, Detail Brush No. 00, Ombre Brush, and Master Gel Series, Short Round Brushes! We have also restocked the popular Wonder Wheel (and refills) for an easier stamping process!