A long time in the making and it is finally here, we are proud to announce our Nail Care Kit which includes a cuticle remover, cuticle oil, and pusher as well as a glass nail file! Available now on our site WhatsUpNails.com with worldwide shipping and in store in Chandler Mall (Arizona, USA)!

Find all your nail care essentials in one ready to go kit. Start with the remover to soften your cuticles and remove dead skin, push them back with the stainless-steel pusher and seal them with oil to moisturize and protect. Finish up your care routine with our glass nail file for the benefit of protecting and sealing the outer edges of your nails. All products come individually packaged in hard cases ready to drop into your purse and easily take with you.

All products are also available for individual purchase. 
Cuticle Oil is a blend of sweet almond, coconut, walnut, baobab, kukui and passion fruit oils with Vitamin E. Instantly moisturize, deeply nourish, and soften cuticles. Oil has a gentle scent of vanilla & coconut.
Made in USA.

Cuticle Remover is a water-based gel which helps exfoliate, soften cuticles and skin around your nail, dissolve dead skin and make it easier to push cuticles back.
Made in France.

Cuticle Oil and Cuticle Remover are Cruelty Free & Vegan, both come in 0.15 fl oz (4.5 ml) non-refillable pen. 
Double Sided Professional Cuticle Pusher is recommended for manicure and pedicure. Professionally sharpened stainless steel pusher tool, double sided with a small and large rounded ends for different sized nails.
Made in Ukraine

Crystal Nail File is recommended for natural nails. Tempered glass files have a gentle abrasive surface for grinding down and shaping nails. They help prevent water and dirt from entering the layers of keratin of the nail by leaving a smooth edge on the tip. Using a glass file regularly will help nails become stronger and prevent chipping and peeling.
Made in Czech Republic 
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