Say goodbye to boring manicures and hello to NEW Deco Miami! This brand is coming at us hot with themed nail stickers sheets. Each sheet is jam-packed with adorable options that match the vibe you're feeling. Want to show off your love for astrology and all things cosmic? Check out Retrograde for galactic goodies. Or maybe you're feeling sunny and cheerful? Sunny Side Up has smileys, rainbows, and gummy bears to match your mood.

If you're into retro vibes, Stay Groovy has got you covered with mushrooms, peace signs, and flowers straight from the 70s. Feeling bold and daring? Jackpot features red stickers with chilis, pizza, and koi. And for those who love all things pink and girly, Pink Pony has bows, flamingos, flowers, and more to add a touch of sweetness to your nails.

With 29 different styles to choose from, there's something for everyone. Wildflower has tons of different flowers and animals, TAXI! has hands, bags, and coffee, MOD has that 60s London look, Birthday has ice cream and balloons to celebrate, and Jewels has 600 gems in various shapes and sizes to add some 3D sparkle to your nails.

To make applying these stickers easy, Deco Miami has even got tweezers in three different colors - Blue, Coral, and Pink! So why settle for a plain old manicure when you can express your personality with Deco Miami's adorable nail stickers? Shop now and let your nails do the talking!