We are welcoming a new vibrant world of polishes with Dam Nail Polish! We're thrilled to unveil a dazzling array of new collections, each packed with unique polishes that will make your nails the center of attention. Whether you're a nail art newbie or a seasoned polish pro, this extensive lineup has something special for everyone. Ready to dive into the colors? Let’s go!

Aquarius Birthday Duo Collection

  1. No Shady Business: A regal purple-based polish with a blue shimmer, No Shady Business will make your nails sparkle like a starry night. The flakies dance in blue, pink, and gold hues, while purple reflective glitters twinkle under bright lights.
  2. Data is My Love Language: This blue-leaning lavender linear holographic polish is a tech-lover's dream. Infused with a captivating gold/green shifting shimmer, it's like having a mini galaxy on your fingertips.

Boba Collection

Sip on these delightful crelly polishes, each with shifting shimmer and assorted black glitters reminiscent of everyone's favorite boba drinks:

  1. Love Boba Berry Much: A pink delight that’s as sweet as your favorite berry tea.
  2. Thai and Stop Me: A light orange polish that brings the warmth of a Thai milk tea to your nails.
  3. OG Devo-tea: A tan hue that's a tribute to the classic original boba flavor.

Hibernation Collection

Embrace the cozy vibes with jelly polishes, featuring assorted white glitters along with holographic flash reflective glitters:

  1. Forty Thousand Winks: A soft yellow shade that’s perfect for a lazy day in.
  2. Gone Dormant: A deep plum purple that’s ideal for those who love a dramatic look.
  3. Snooze Till Spring: A refreshing teal green that’ll have you dreaming of springtime naps.

Home Sweet Home Trio

Celebrate the joy of staying in with these multichrome flakie polishes, each adorned with flash reflective glitters:

  1. Ain’t Nobody Like a Homebody: Shifting from pink to gold to green, this polish with pinkish purple reflective glitters is a homebody’s dream.
  2. I’m Indoorsy: A gold/green/teal shifting multichrome flakie polish with light green reflective glitters, perfect for those who prefer the indoors.
  3. Permit to Hermit: A teal/purple/pink shifting multichrome flakie polish with green reflective glitters that lets you hermit in style.

Jams & Jellies Collection

For those who love their polishes bright and juicy, the Jams & Jellies Collection offers a spectrum of jelly polish shades with flash reflective glitter and holographic magic:

  1. Lemon Curd: A zesty yellow that’ll make your nails pop.
  2. Mint Jelly: A refreshing green for a burst of cool color.
  3. Apricot Preserves: A luscious orange that’s simply irresistible. (Plus, three more tantalizing shades!)

Essential Supplies

No manicure is complete without the perfect finishing touches. Try out:

Magnetic Magic

Take your nail art to the next level with new magnets:

These tools create mesmerizing magnetic effects that will leave you in awe.

And that's just the beginning! Dam Nail Polish is here to bring endless color and creativity to your fingertips. Dive into all the new collections, experiment with new shades, and let your nails become your favorite accessory. Happy painting!