Get ready to take your nail game to the next level, because Colores de Carol is back with a bang! We are thrilled to unveil an array of dazzling new nail polish collections that are sure to make your manicures and pedicures the talk of the town. From spooky Halloween Nights to the vibrant Summer Bonfire, there's something for everyone. Let's dive right into the world of colors and enchantment:

Embrace the spirit of Halloween with the spellbinding Halloween Nights Duo Collection. Nails will be bewitched by Midnight Enchantments clear base featuring holographic black mini bat glitters, micro holo glitters, and black holographic glitters. Then, watch as your nails transform with Witchy Elegance, a thermal polish that transitions from deep black to ethereal colorlessness, revealing silver holographic glitter and twinkling holo star glitters.

Step into the playful and adorable world of the Cuteween Collection. With six mesmerizing polishes to choose from:

  • Candy Queen: A medium blue crelly polish loaded with playful red and purple neon dots, shimmering orange and violet holo glitter, mysterious black glitter, black micro shreds, and enchanting violet-pink-gold flakes, all finished off with dazzling purple flash reflective glitter.

  • Fangtastic: Indulge in an indigo-purple crelly polish featuring spooky black bat glitters, green metallic flakes, neon pink dots, and a touch of black glitter and micro shreds.

  • Minty Boos: This minty green crelly polish is spookily adorned with bewitching black micro flakes, white glitter, pink glitter, and clear chameleon flakes.

  • Purr-Anormal Activity: Opt for a white crelly polish adorned with mesmerizing UCC flakes, square black glitter, and holographic glitter.

  • Skelefun: A soft orange crelly bursting with elements for a wickedly good time, including holographic flakes, UCC flakies, black micro flakes, hot pink flash reflective glitter, and skull glitters.

  • Witch’s Tea: Enjoy a spellbinding soft lavender crelly polish infused with black short slices, black micro shreds, green metallic flakes, and mini yellow and orange stars.



Celebrate in style with Carolina's Birthday Trio. Cake Pop adds tasty looks with a shimmering blue base with color-shifting shimmer that dances between fiery red, lustrous gold, and enchanting green, all finished with holographic flakes. Meanwhile, Gala adds fierce fashion with a hot pink shade that features color-shifting shimmer that transitions from fiery red to luxurious gold to enchanting green, accompanied by holographic flakes. Lastly, Wishes & Kisses brings luck for another year with a sparkly green base, showcases color-shifting shimmer that dances between red, gold, and green, all adorned with holographic flakes.


Wrap up the season with the Summer Bonfire Collection, offering five night-vibey shades that will ignite your nails. Gain comfort with Bonfire Bliss, a warm beige crelly polish accompanied by aurora shimmer, fairy flakes, and UUC flakes. Take nails on a trip with Friends Adventure, a berry purple crelly polish featuring chrome flakies and iridescent chameleon flakies. Elevate your style with Weekend Plans, a dark grey crelly enhanced by holographic micro flakes, aurora shimmer, and fairy flakes. Plus 2 other polishes that set the tone for the end of summer! 

Dive deep into the mesmerizing world of the Daughter of the Sea Collection. With six stunning polishes to choose from, your nails will transport you to the depths of the ocean. Azure Dreams offers a softer ocean moment with a medium blue base featuring color-shifting flakies that transform from red to pink to purple, along with light blue flash reflective glitter. Oceanic Treasure brings excitement in a shimmery eggplant purple base adorned with enchanting mermaid flakies and purple flash reflective glitter. Scales of Beauty brings a shimmery gold base polish glistening with holographic flakes and UCC flakies that speaks for itself. Magical Depth adds thrashing waves of color with a base that shifts between green, blue, and purple, featuring a magnetic effect, chameleon glitter and turquoise metallic flakies that add depth and dimension to your nail art.


Heat up your nails with the electrifying High Voltage Collection, offering six neon flash reflective polishes. Electric Galaxy will immerse you in a sky blue brilliance, while Glowing Crush provides the perfect hot pink perfection. Heat Wave brings tangy orange temptations to your fingertips. Experience electric yellow excitement with High Voltage and savor a tart green sensation with Neon Sizzle. Finally, elevate your style with Ultraviolet Elixir, featuring a bright purple allure.

Colores de Carol is on a mission to bring you captivating and unique nail polish collections. Explore these stunning collections, discover your favorites, and let your nails do the talking.