Get flashy with new F.U.N Lacquer! Pick up the look that's in right now with new variants of your favorite glitter toppers, now with flash reflective glitter! Flash Diamond Dust, Flash Diamond Flake, Flash Gold Diamond Dust, and Flash Platinum are all here to add that dazzling perfection nails are craving. Or add a touch of color and sparkle to nails with new magnetics Gold Platinum Diamond, Rose Gold Platinum Diamond, and Purple Rose Platinum Diamond for unbelievable effect and shine that will elevate any nail look! 

Create a precious look this season with the launch of the Christmas 2021 Collection featuring 6 hot multi-chrome flakie topper polishes - yellow Spessartite, green Jade, orange Citrine, Blue Sapphire, pink Ammolite, and purple Amethyst will add some divine depth to all nail creations!