Get in the spirit with new MoYou-London stamping plates! Festive 72 lets you create your own stunning sugar skulls with layered stamping, and Festive 73 gets even more detailed with Day of the Dead inspired intricate sugar skull designs, flowers, cross, hearts, checkerboard, stripes, diamond, and more!  Halloween 08 gets cutesy with it with crossbones, candle, candy, headstone, ghosts, bat, spiders, spider web, zombie, and a pumpkin. Or get really spooky with Halloween 10 complete with jack-o-lantern faces, pentagram, pumpkins, cat, ghost, crosses, crossbones, skull, graveyard, spooky house, church, bats, spider web. Add a gothic feel with Halloween 12 stunning lace, damask, chandelier, spider webs, star, crosses, skull, flowers and more. Or haunt nails with Halloween 13 ghosts, witches, bats, dark shadows, spider, skeleton, mummy, skull, crosses, gravestones, scarecrow and more all in amazing detail.