Get fatally beautiful nails with new Femme Fatale Winter 2022 Collection filled with the perfect color palette for your seasonal nail looks. Sun Dog spreads some heat to your cold weather with blue-grey base nail polish has color-shifting sheen of red to copper to green, Serpens Nebulae slithers in with stunning green jelly base with teal holographic glitter, green flash reflective glitter, and color-shifting shimmer of purple to blue to red, Nimbus is here to relax your nails with tranquil light green crelly nail polish with color-shifting shimmer of blue to purple to red, Fireflaught flies in with a hot look with blue-green nail polish packed with pink to copper to green multi-chrome magnetic glitter, along with scattered green, gold and red reflective glitter, Bifrost adds spicy serenity to nails with dark blue jelly nail polish, has light green to green to blue multi-chrome magnetic glitter and green reflective glitter, plus several more!