Get ready with some NEW stamping plates from Hit The Bottle! Let nail art designs grow to new heights with Home Harvest with gardening tools, tomatoes, sun, cloud, lady bugs, peppers, corn, leaves, pumpkins, honeycomb, bees, carrots, onions, snails, gnomes, quotes and more! Slide nails into something with more style with flowers, geometric shapes, plaid, paisley, damask, argyle, houndstooth, chevrons, cheetah print, and more textiles with Material World, and fix that style up with sewing machines, stitches, scissors, safety pins, buttons, zippers, sewing needles, thread, dashes, chevrons, polka dots, Iines, quotes and more on Sew Your Own Way, or add a magical spin to fashion with knitting stitches, crotchet, tatting, embroidery, heart, flower, knots, cotton, leaves, cats, buttons, yarn, and thread with Stitchcraft. Get down and funky with nails with Retro Patterns - 80's and 90's with diagonal lines, squiggles, hexagons, triangles, circles, polka dots, squares, rectangles, chevrons, lightning bolts, circular designs and so much more or go for some street art with Urban Wild Style spray paint graffiti, brick patterns, letters, arrows, crown, buildings, smiley face, and more to create your own image!