Boo! Halloween is just around the corner, and we've got a treat that will send shivers down your spine – the launch of 7 brand-new Halloween stamping plates from Kads! 🕷️🌕

Halloween 019: Filled with all the ghouls you need - ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, creepy trees, haunted houses, fire flames, bats, cats, and more! Perfect for those eerie and mysterious nail art designs that will make everyone scream with delight. Halloween 020: Embrace the spooky vibes with tribal designs, crosses, wings, butterflies, flowers, hearts, stars, skulls, and more! These plates are perfect for those who want a touch of the supernatural in their nail art. Halloween 021: Get tangled up in spiderwebs, surrounded by black cats, skulls, pumpkins, black widows, leaves, and more! This plate will have you feeling the eerie vibes of Halloween night. Halloween 022: If you're feeling like mixing a little Christmas cheer with your creepiness, check out stitches, eyeballs, pumpkin stars, spooky snowglobes, mummy gingerbread men, a skull and bones wreath, or bat wings poinsettia! A bizarre yet wonderful twist for your nails. Halloween 023: Bring out your inner skeleton with bone designs, snakes, stitches, spiderwebs, hearts, stars, bats, pumpkins, moons, and more! These plates are perfect for those who want their nail art to scream "spooky." Halloween 024: Get ready to unleash your creative side with designs featuring hearts, snakes, mushrooms, squids, pumpkins, coffins, vampire teeth, bones, ghosts, and more! The possibilities are endless. Halloween 025: Add a touch of elegance to your eerie designs with skulls, flowers, eyes, hearts, bats, butterflies, roses, spiderwebs, spiders, and a moon! Nail art that's both spooky and stunning.

'Tis the season to spread joy, and what better way to do it than with 8 brand new Christmas stamping plates!

Get ready to embrace the coziness of the holidays with Christmas 039, featuring plaid patterns, stitching designs, textiles, chevrons, snowflakes, bows, hearts, stars, reindeer, and snowmen. If you're feeling a bit edgy this holiday season, Christmas 040 is perfect for you! It features skulls, snakes, snowflakes, flowers, hearts, stars, trees, and more – a festive twist with a touch of attitude. Wrap yourself in warmth with Christmas 041 plate, adorned with sweater designs, cozy knitted patterns, snowflakes, icicles, and more. Your nails will be the coziest accessory at any winter gathering. Spell out your holiday spirit with letters made from festive items, and explore kaleidoscope designs with Christmas 042. It's a unique way to make your mark this Christmas. Let it snow, let it snow with Christmas 043! This plate features snowflakes, gingerbread men, garlands, hearts, stars, moons, and pine trees, giving you a winter wonderland at your fingertips. Step into a winter wonderland of stars, holly, leaves, branches, snowflakes, mountains, and more with Christmas 044. Your nails will look like they've been kissed by Jack Frost himself. Celebrate the yuletide season with Christmas 045, with stars, branches, hearts, snowflakes, swirls, and more. Your nails will shine as bright as the Christmas star. For a modern twist on tradition, try Christmas 033 with snowflakes, festive leaves, and modern geometric patterns. It's a contemporary take on classic holiday cheer.

Spread the holiday spirit, one nail at a time! Also be sure to check out a restock of over 100 different Kads plates that are perfect for any time of the year!