UberChic Beauty is back with some awesome new items! Check out TWO new Stamping Plates - Simply Organic 03 that includes all of the natural textures such wood grain, cracked dirt, oil slicks, ant trails, molecules, and more and Wild & Fierce Big Cats that's full of wild cats such as lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, and paw prints to have your nails roaring with beauty. 

Add some dazzling color to nails with new Gel Polishes with Flash Reflective glitters! Green gel with iridescent flash reflective glitters Happy as a Hummingbird, blue gel with iridescent flash reflective glitter Summer Rain, purple gel with iridescent flash reflective glitters Wild Orchid, and orange gel with iridescent flash reflective glitters Auburn Skies are all here to pave the way to beautiful glimmering nails.