Lesly is back to pack a punch with a ton of hot new stamping plates! Check out Art Chaos 1 with chaotic shapes, eyes, flowers, moon, circles, leaves, flowers, blobs, rainbow, and hearts, Be Creative 4 throws you creativity with specks, blobs, hearts, cacti, profile of a woman, scribbles, feather, leaves, and vases, Brutal slides in with the heat with geometric shapes, cross bones, crosses, cracks, splatters, dragons, tiger, mosquitos, airplanes, soccer, motorcycle, aliens, snakes, skulls, grim reaper, and tons more. Stamp something amazing with new Dots 2 with dotwork of fence, squares, x-pattern, chevron, Naked touches on live art forms with naked body figures and quotes, Phrases lets you speak your mind with phrases like Love, Wonderful, Dream, Let It Be, GLVM, Before and After, No Control, and tons more! 

Add some more flare to nails with new Foils! Check out tons including Northern Lights, Red, Blue Prism, Silver Crystal, Pink Gold, Holographic Gradient (Blue-Green-Yellow), Gradient (Lilac-Violet-Blue), and more!