Tis the season to enjoy the classics - join us with new Madam Glam Chapter 12: Wandering New York Collection with names that are sure to bring some nostalgia! Enjoy the magnetic effects of this set with amazing colors including green Buzz, purple Home Alone, copper Keep the Change, and pink Kevin

Throw it back to happy memories and good times with Chapter 11: Friends & Family - a collection comprised of neutral creamy colors and names that bring back fond memories. Coat your nails with these fun memories with light beige Smelly Cat, classic nude Food Coma, chocolate brown Hi, I'm Chandler, and nude brown We Were On a Break

Finally, enjoy a haunted look year round with Chapter 10: Rock Paper Scissors with delightful treats including dark olive Mysterious, terracotta Spooky Pants, plum Play Dead, and playful fuchsia Fantasy.