Moyra is back with tons of hot new products that are going to change your nail art experience. First up is the new Supersizer Stamper with adjustable stamper head that will create stamped images bigger or smaller to fit your stamping needs. Take that new stamper on a spin with 2 cute new plates - 118 Springtime with gardening patterns, floral, onions, birds, bunnies, eggs, hearts, and more, and 128 Winternail with penguins in hats and jackets doing various snow activities, pine trees, gnomes, and layered designs of a snowboarder, reindeer, and gingerbread man! While you're figuring out your new stamper, go with the stamping choice newly designed to give you the time you need to create perfect art - Smart Polish is available in five colors (black, white, silver, gold, and red)! 

Time to decorate! Pick up some adorable new stickers that add a cute and easy touch to nail art to slay this winter season - checked out Season Words 20 with  seasonal inscriptions and wintery imagery of a deer, mugs, penguins, snowflakes and more, Winter Adornments 21 (White/Gold) with white and gold ornaments, snowflakes, presents, bells, holly, and accents, and Winter (Silver/Black) with black and silver stickers of ornaments, deer, snowflakes, accents, bells, and holly! Give your nails a little sparkle with new Holo Glitter Mixes! Dazzling 21 Orange, 20 Dark Rose, 19 Turquoise Green, and 18 Chameleon Green are just the type of bling nails are looking for this season.