The goodies are never ending with our latest stock of Moyra. Say hello to 8 new Stamping Starter Kits including Vintage 05, Lacelove 15 and Maharaja 19. Mini Stamping Starter Kits offer the same goods, but with adorable small sized plates! Check out My Little Universe 104, Sounds of Your World 108 and Far Far Away 112 and create the perfect stamped manicure. 

Pick up some NEW stunning plates - 44 Stained Glass55 Fall and 67 Footprints! Don't forget to check out the restocked beauties like 9 Celebration for fun seasonal images, 27 Dreamology for abstract and dream inspired imagery, 49 Ornaments 2 for elegant damask and 38 Aboriginal for fun Southwest inspired patterns. 

Bring stamped designs to life with stamping gel polishes available in four colors - White, Black, Red and Merlot - for long lasting stamped nails or add new Moyra Glitters over top! There is 7 new glitters available now including - No. 18 Red, No. 25 Teal and No. 30 Black

Try something new with foils. We have restocked on Magic Foils and Easy Transfer Foils and brought in some adorable new kits! Check out Foil Stamping Starter Kits 01, 02, and 03 and find your mix of foils, stamping and pigments that will make your nails fall in love.

We're not quite done yet... Pick up some great supporting supplies to help you achieve perfect nail art like NEW scented cuticle oil in Peach and PineappleGlow in the Dark Top Coat, Brush-on Tip Glue to add adorable charms and crystals, and new nail art brushes including Norka Nail Art Brush 01 - Detail brush and Master Acrylic Brush #8