Grab everything your heart desires with our latest stock of Moyra. We've added 7 new stamping plates, and many of them are perfect for upcoming Summer! Check out 26 Summertime, 29 Waterworld, and 73 Sakura for the perfect nautical, floral, and cultural touch your nails need this season. Or check out the restocked goods including - Footprints 2 for step by step layered stamping, 46 Scrabble for alphabet and numbers in cool fonts,and 54 Matrix for awesome geometric patterns, plus many more! Organize all your plates to find them easily with NEW Stamping Plate Holder - Rose!

Bring stamped designs to life with stamping gel polishes available in White, BlackMerlot, and Green - for long lasting stamped nails or add Moyra Glitters over top with fun colors including No.10 Hot Pink, No.16 Dark Purple , No. 20 Red, No. 21 Orange, and No. 23 Baby BlueOr add additional fun with foils. We have restocked on Magic Foils and Easy Transfer Foils and Foil Stamping Polishes, too!

We're not quite done yet... Pick up some great supporting supplies to help you achieve perfect nail art with NEW nail art brushes with adorable jeweled handles and caps - take a look at Acrylic Jewelry Brush, Kolinsky Hair #2 through #10 and find the perfect size!