The goodies are never ending with our latest stock of Moyra. Say hello to 16 hot new stamping polishes, 4 gel stamping polishes, 3 foil stamping polishes, and 1 gel foil stamping polish and create unique nails for days!

Bring those gel stamping polishes to use with beautiful chrome powders & pigments or with Moyra glitter available in dazzling Silver, Holographic, Pink and Gold (best over white or light colors), Blue, and Gold!

Pair those new foil stamping polishes with stunning new foil! Magic Foil colors include Silver, Red, Gold, and Blue and works with just about everything! Easy Transfer Foil colors include Copper, Rose, Rose Gold, and Holographic and works the best with foil glue and gels! 

Pick up some stunning plates to use with these new polishes including the three new plates - 63 Baroque Garden, 64 Perfume, and 65 Perfect Match! Don't forget to check out the restocked beauties like 6 Florality 1 for stunning floral, 15 Lacelove for sexy lace patterns, 43 Damask Drapery 2 for elegant damask and brocade, and 46 Scrabble for fun fonts and letters. Or grab a kit that has it all with the 40 Art Nouveau - this kit includes the 40 Art Nouveau Stamping Plate, SP 09 Gold Stamping Polish, Moyra Stamper & Scraper. 

We're not quite done yet... Pick up some great supporting supplies to help you achieve perfect nail art like the Glass Dish to hold acetone or mix paints, the ProFile 180/180 to file to perfection, Brush-on Tip Glue to add adorable charms and crystals, and water-based acrylic paint available in 6 colors - blue, red, black, white, gold, and yellow!