Stamp it up and fashion it down with tons of new stamping plates from Nicole Diary! Get an edgy look with L31 Deep in my Bones with bones, skulls, ribcage, skeletal hand, butterflies, moths, flowers, leaves, moons, stars, and more - move nails with L37 Charismatic Flowers filled with flowers, crystals, butterflies, hearts, geometric shapes, and lines - and get in touch with nature with L41 Me, Myself & Animals that has women, cats, cheetah, tiger, deer, fox, zebra, snake, leopard, dog, leaves, moons, and more all living together in harmony.

Pick up some smaller plates without losing any of the beauty with even more new goods. 083 Mysteries of the Sea full of whales, starfish, seashell, mermaids, moon, stars, coral, bubbles, dolphin - 208 Dragon at Heart with fire breathing dragons, wings, clouds, flowers, eye, claws, scales and more - 221 Modernized Floral flowers, leaves, splatters, lines, and squares - 229 Ink Blot Stained ink blots, lines, swirls, squiggles, and curved lines - and 232 Suds of Beauty filled with bubbles, beautiful ladies, butterflies, and flowers.