Are you ready to take on a new nail shape? Kiara Sky is here with amazing new Gelly Tip Starter Kits that make it easy for you to add tips to your nails for strong manicures that you will love! Take a look at kits available in 5 different nail shapes. Or just grab some Gelly Tips by themselves available in long coffinmedium coffin, medium stiletto, medium square, and medium almond.

Get stunning salon quality nails at home with stunning dip powder colors like sparkling D488 Iceberg, cream mauve D597 Mauve A Lil' Closer, comic purple D628 Let's Get Sirius, and sweet pink D632 Lunar or Later; just to name a few. Can't choose? Pick up a starter kit that has everything you need - Color Starter Kits and French Starter Kits are available now!

If dip isn't your thing, we also have restocked fun Gel Polishes from Kiara Sky - G435 Black to BlackG626 Pink PassportG587 Sunny Daze and the thermal color changing gel polish Ombre Collection - plus much, much more! Start and seal your stunning manicures with gel Base and Non Wipe Top Coat for the perfect gel manicure.