Slide into slick new stamping designs with Swanky Stamping Plates! Create text with 043 Old English, spell it out further and in style with 044 Short Letters, Big Words, add modern art accent with 045 That's So Random, and skip into Easter spirit with 069 Hop To It!

Creating amazing stamped nail art is easy when you have the material to let dreams run wild - check out even more stamping plates including 103 Sprouting Blossom with blooming flowers, leaves, and a butterfly, 106 You Go Girl with palm leaves, chevron pattern, lightning bolt, heart, constellation, cheetah print, and quotes, 110 The Many Faces with distorted, dripping, scratched, happy, sleepy, silly, worried, cool, hearts, flames, and ying & yang, 113 Tiger on the Loose with tigers, clouds, panda, scales, bamboo, lotus flower, Chinese writing, and more! Check these and many more wonders out here