Add some legendary glitz and glam to your nail art with Swarovski Crystals available in over 90 colors! Popular colors like Crystal AB, Rose Gold, Paradise Shine, Light Chrome and Crystal are always a staple for any collection. Browse through the new colors and find a new fave with additions including Air Blue Opal, Burgundy, Indian Pink, Metallic BlueProvence Lavender, Vintage Rose and many more. 

You'll need a tool to help out with the perfect crystal placement, right? Check out the Crystal Katana and the Tanto Pick Up Tool and see which works best for you. Don't sleep on storage, we've got a case for your Crystal Katana - check it out here.

Don't worry, we've got the goods for your new crystals too; take a look at the Crystal Display Box that comes with 12 jars and a case so you can see it all, or the Crystalline Crystal Storage Tower and keep those shimmering beauties stacked.