Emily De Molly is back with a HUGE load of new colors to choose from. With so many stunning new polishes, let's just dive into it! Let Them Sing will hit a high note with nails with its blue-ish purple base nail polish with foil shimmer that color shifts from green to purple and A Sorry State beautifully apologizes with its dark purple base nail polish with color shifting multi chrome pigment of copper, gold, green and blue along with silver metallic glitters. Mark beauty off your calendar with Count The Days a dark gray base nail polish with iridescent flakies that color shift from copper to orange to gold to green and with silver holographic micro flakies and boil down a gorgeous look with Reduction a dusty pink mauve base nail polish with assorted iridescent flakies. Build up warmth with Cold Tolerance a gorgeous bright blue base nail polish with aurora shimmer that color shifts. Let nails get a taste of some flash reflective goodness with dusty purple Flavour Of the Week, or light dust pink Quiet and Daring. Crack the algorithm and stunt out with dark red nail polish and subtle copper aurora shimmer in Secret Code and stumble the paths no more with dark purple base nail polish with aurora shimmer, complete with white glitters, Find Your Way

The fun doesn't stop, that's just the base! Cover your core with stamping polishes that add that pizazz you crave with new Chrome Stamping Polishes - available in an abundance of colors check out Silver, Rose Gold, Blurple, Green, and more and get that shiny metallic look with ease. Basic Stamping Polishes are also available for some great colorful stamping art. Take a look at Black, Silver Holo, Copper, and more and never let those accents go unnoticed!