Get ready to elevate your nail game to extraordinary heights with the breathtaking array of new releases from Emily De Molly! This launch is bursting with innovation, creativity, and sheer nail art brilliance, featuring an irresistible lineup of thermal polishes, magnetic marvels, glitter toppers, and more. Are you ready to embark on a nail art adventure like never before? Let's dive into the enchanting world of Emily De Molly's newest offerings:

Thermal Polishes:

Take A Moment – Witness the mesmerizing transition of this thermal polish as it shifts from a delicate light purple to a deep blue-green, adorned with stunning copper, gold, and green iridescent flakes.

Never Found It – Delve into the depths of mystery with this murky green to almost black purple thermal polish, accentuated by a subtle pink, gold, and green shifting aurora shimmer.

Check It – Experience the magic of this light green to reddish-purple thermal polish, complete with a dazzling blue aurora shimmer that sparkles with every temperature change.

Magnetic Polishes:

I’ll Be The One – Command attention with this dark green polish featuring shimmering chartreuse green metallic flakes and a magnetic purple effect that adds an extra layer of allure.

Carry On – Make a statement with this brown-leaning purple base adorned with gold flecks, subtle green shimmer, and a mesmerizing blue-to-purple shifting magnetic effect.

Until The Last – Embrace the captivating allure of this dark green base with a vibrant blue magnetic effect that mesmerizes with every glance.

Glitter Toppers:

Moonsongs – Add a touch of celestial charm to your manicure with this glitter topper comprised of silver metallic glitters that shimmer like the stars in the night sky.

Dated Vibes – Channel retro vibes with this pale light pink and chartreuse yellow glitter topper adorned with iridescent glitters that shift from green to blue, adding a pop of color to any nail look.

Call It A Party – Get ready to dazzle with this glitter topper featuring iridescent glitters that shift from orange to green, creating a party on your nails with every application.

And More Polishes:

Switch Pages – Embrace the tranquility of this pale blue-grey nail polish illuminated by a striking blue aurora shimmer, perfect for moments of reflection and serenity.

When The Sun Leaves – Experience the magic of this multichrome polish that transitions through a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of pinks and oranges, capturing the beauty of a sunset on your nails.

Holding Onto Hope – Illuminate your nails with the delicate beauty of this pale dusty pink linear holographic polish, radiating with a shimmering brilliance that inspires hope and resilience.

Little Indiscretions – Add a touch of mystery to your manicure with this dark dusty rose polish adorned with a seductive blue-to-purple aurora shimmer, perfect for those who love a hint of intrigue.

And these are just a few highlights from this incredible new launch! With so many more stunning polishes to explore, there's something for every nail enthusiast to fall in love with. Get ready to unleash your creativity and express your unique style with Emily De Molly's latest releases.