UNT is back in stock and ready to meet the demands for your nail art needs! UNT's peel-able base coat is an extremely versatile product which is perfect for many applications:

  • Powder - use before applying powder to create a sticky surface allowing powder to stick more evenly. Use after powder application to protect your powder layer from becoming dull when using top coats. All you have to do is apply the peel off base coat over the powder and let it completely dry, then apply a layer of your favorite top coat.
  • Glitter Polishes – use under any glitter polish to make removal of the glitter polish as easy as can be. When you want to remove just use a hard edge (cuticle pusher, wooden stick, nails, etc) and easily push to the nail and scrape off the peel off base coat layer.
  • Dark Polishes – use under any dark polishes for easy removal which helps avoid the annoyance of the pigment from the dark polish staining your skin/cuticles during removal with acetone/non-acetone nail polish remover.