Grab all your favorite nail art brushes that are now back in stock! Pure Color #3 Flat Brush is perfect for clean ups and touch ups, use it for shading backgrounds with multiple colors, large intricate designs, and one stroke art. Pure Color #5 3D Sculpture Brush makes creating 3D flowers, dots, and designs with acrylic and gels simply and fun! Pure Color #4 Angular Brush is perfect for curving dimensions, detail to perfection, or clean your cuticles up. Pure Color #12 Striper Brush has nice long bristles for lined designs like zebra print, stripes, and abstract line work done in a flash. Dance #17 Flat Brush is perfect for one stroke designs, shading for multi-colored backgrounds on nails, or for nail art clean up, and Dance #20 Detail Brush is the go-to for creating intricate nail art designs, short stoke detailing, outlining, filigree, and creating letters!