Our brushes have extremely soft bristles because they are made from uncut and undyed goat hair. Properties of natural hair make it easier to work with powder and it is well known for a higher color payoff and better blending. The outermost part of a hair is called the cuticle which is helpful in lifting product from the pan and blending it out for a smooth non-patchy finish. Because we use uncut hair each bristle will have fine soft tips and never poke you during use.

Hair is supplied from cruelty free sources, the handle is made from hornbeam wood, all hair is glued inside of a brass ferrule which is double crimped to the handle for longer durability. All brushes are assembled by hand from natural hair, please understand when you use this brush it is normal for it to shed. Shedding is more noticeable in larger brushes with more hair and it may be helpful to tap off the brush before and after use to get rid of any shedding hairs. 

How To Care for Your Natural Hair Brush

All our brushes are ready to use straight from the packaging and there is no need to pre-wash the brush. After each use, make sure to tap off excess powder or wipe it on a soft tissue, cloth or towel. If you wipe the brush down consistently it will help reduce how often it needs to be washed. Do not rub the bristles too hard when you wipe as it will damage the hair and cause shedding, simply wipe gently in one direction. If you see product built up on the hair, it starts to smell or doesn't work as well as before then it is time to wash the brush.

Wash the brush in slightly warm water using a gentle soap, brush soap or baby shampoo. Wash the hair by squeezing it gently from the ferrule down to the tip of the hair, rinse thoroughly. Do not use cleansers with alcohol on a regular basis as it will increase shedding. Avoid using human hair products as regular shampoos (baby shampoo is fine) can be too harsh for the bristles and remove too much oil and make the hair more brittle. Using hair conditioner or fabric softener will make the hair too smooth and it won't pick up and blend powder very well.

When drying brushes gently squeeze the excess water with your fingers. Next, use a dry paper towel to remove as much water as possible and arrange the bristles with your fingers to the correct shape. Place the brush in a cup with bristles facing up to dry naturally, the hairs are securely glued and there is no need to worry about getting water in the ferrule. Avoid using a hair dryer or placing them in the sun.

Enjoy your beautiful new makeup brush from Whats Up Beauty!