Talc Free, Clean, Non-toxic, Cruelty Free, Vegan

Moisturizing Ingredients Squalene and Glycerin

Safari Sunset Net wt. 6.39 g / 0.23 oz

Wild Acacia: Net wt. 6.25 g / 0.22 oz

Made in China

Compact size: 2 2/3in (67mm) x 2 2/3in (67mm) x 1/2in (13mm)

Highlighter Brush

Handmade in Japan

100% Goat Hair

Our brushes have extremely soft bristles because they are made from uncut and undyed goat hair. Properties of natural hair make it easier to work with powder and it is well known for a higher color payoff and better blending. The outermost part of a hair is called the cuticle which is helpful in lifting product from the pan and blending it out for a smooth non-patchy finish. Because we use uncut hair each bristle will have fine soft tips and never poke you during use.

Hair is supplied from cruelty free sources, the handle is made from hornbeam wood, all hair is glued inside of a brass ferrule which is double crimped to the handle for longer durability. All brushes are assembled by hand from natural hair, please understand when you use this brush it is normal for it to shed. Shedding is more noticeable in larger brushes with more hair and it may be helpful to tap off the brush before and after use to get rid of any shedding hairs.