Grab everything your heart desires with our latest stock of Moyra. We've added 7 new stamping plates so you'll never run out of nail-spiration! Check out 100 Bird Box with tons of different birds, 102 Fine Lines with simply artistic line work, 103 Designer with chic shapes, people, and art, 104 Suede with fierce animal print, grow something beautiful with 105 Urban Gardening, lovely landscapes and nature with 106 Picturesque, and 124 Shape of my Heart with geometric shapes and floral. Plus pick up new Stamping and Painting Gels to use for whatever your project needs with colors White, Black, Red, Vivid Pink, Vivid Red, and Pink!

Bring stamped designs to life with stamping gel polishes available in White and Black - for long lasting stamped nails or add Moyra Glitters over top with fun colors including NEW 09 Light Blue Holo Glitter Mix and 11 Red Holo Glitter Mix. Or add additional fun with foils with new adorable colors of Easy Transfer Foils 06 Pink, 07 Magenta, 08 Purple, 09 Turquoise, 10 Green, 11 Merlot, and 12 Silver Holo Dots for extra spice to your nail art.  

We're not quite done yet... grab some adorable stickers to make your masterpiece complete with new No. 12 Bows & Flowers, No. 17 Months to Seasons, No. 16 Blue Spring, and No. 13 Floral Embellishments!