Get ready to get cute and retro with a launch of 6 NEW MoYou London Plates! You know the vibes are high with these old school trendy Trolls, so check out Trolls 01 with rainbows, stars, planet, cupcakes, donut, cherries, unicorn, moon, hearts and cute trolls, Trolls 02 paper airplane, rainbows, planets, banana, eye, donut, watermelon slice, gems, diamonds, lightning bolts, trolls, Trolls 03 gets fun and retro stamping plate with hip patterns, checkerboard, gemstones, heart, eye, chevron, circles, triangles, rectangles, squares, and trolls, Trolls 04 with checkerboard, lightning, zebra, cheetah, stars patterns and trolls, palm leaf, palm trees, pineapple, banana, cube, and pyramid, Trolls 05 lets you get creative with stars, hearts, roses, raindrops, and layer up troll designs, and Trolls 06 is full of peace and love, comes with designs of flowers, music notes, rainbow, peace signs, stars, gems, hearts and of course your loveable little trolls.