Cadillacquer is here with a huge preorder announcement! The Advent Calendar Collection + Winter 2024 Collection are available for preorder now! 

Orders will ship in the middle of February, and the preorder closes January 21st at 11:59PM EST / 8:59PM PST - so don't miss your chance to grab these stunning beauties! Please note that if an order includes items other than preorders, they will be shipped together in the middle of February.

Winter 2024 Collectionwhere each polish is a shimmering multi-chrome wonder with stunning magnetic effect.

What It Takes features a bright aqua shimmering base with pink to gold color-shifting magnetic flakies, immersing your nails in a captivating shade that effortlessly combines vibrant hues and sophisticated shimmer.

I Remember When It Was You and Me Lets you immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of a red to orange multi-chrome polish. The addition of blue magnetic micro flakes and micro metallic blue flakies creates a dynamic and radiant allure.

Nobody Said It Was Easy Dive into the mysterious charm of a deep base adorned with sparkly purple micro flakes and silver magnetic micro flakes. This shade whispers sophistication, making it perfect for those who appreciate understated glamor.

I Would Die For You is a captivating blend of gold magnetic micro flakes in a black to red multi-chrome base. Immerse your nails in the drama of this shade, where the rich transition from black to red is complemented by the luxurious touch of gold magnetic micro flakes, creating a manicure that exudes devotion and allure.

The Lucky Ones combines a green shimmer base with red-orange magnetic micro flakes, creating a charming fusion of colors and textures that dazzles with every movement.

Reflections introduces teal to purple magnetic micro flakes in a deep reddish color-shifting shimmer base. Watch as your nails become a captivating canvas, reflecting a mesmerizing play of colors and magnetism.

You Found Me transforms your nails with pink to yellow magnetic micro flakes in a light blue shimmer base, creating an ethereal radiance that delicately dances on your fingertips.

Your True Colors showcases a multi-chrome pink to orange shimmering base with light green magnetic flakies, allowing you to elevate your nails with radiant hues that reveal your true essence.

Try To Hide The Pain features green magnetic micro flakes in a blue micro flakes and shimmer base. Dive into the concealed beauty of this shade, where the interplay of green and blue creates a mesmerizing fusion that allows you to express subtle emotions through your manicure.

The Advent Calendar Collection - where each polish is a tale waiting to be told on your fingertips.

Open the door to chic nails with Let Me In - a captivating teal polish, boasting a mesmerizing interplay of white various sized hex glitters and iridescent flakies.

You're Different From The Rest, Your Heart Is Pure - Let your nails tell a story of uniqueness with a light blue to dark purple thermal journey, featuring gold-pink shimmer and white hex glitters.

If You're A Bird I'm A Bird - Take flight into the whimsical world of light green reflective glitter with a hint of purple shimmer.

My People Skills Are Rusty - Flaunt a stylish statement with a purple base, a captivating blue magnetic effect, and a touch of orange-gold shimmer.

Unveil the magic on your fingertips and let your nails express your mood, style, and the enchantment within you. Which polish will you choose for your next spellbinding manicure? The choice is yours, and the magic begins now!