Nicole Diary is back with 7 new stamping plates that are ready to conduct a symphony of amazing looks for your nails! 

Hit the stars on a cosmic journey with 305 Star Struck where shooting stars, delicate flowers, and twinkling ornaments come together. Elevate your nails to celestial heights with this captivating plate.

Whispers of romance echo through 304 Rose Serenade with tons of roses and heart wreaths to help express passion and style in a garden of love.

303 Eclectic Retro Fusion is a timeless tapestry of diverse patterns – marble, dots, waves, and more. Unleash endless inspiration and capture the essence of eclectic styles through the ages.

Unleash your wild side with 302 Safari Chic. Zebra, snake skin, cheetah prints, and French tips dance together, creating adventurous nail art that seamlessly combines elegance with untamed beauty.

X023 Marble Mania offers opulent simplicity. Full marble patterns and French tips with various marble motifs create sophisticated and timeless nail art.

X022 Celebrating Love is a celebration of love and romance. Heart balloons, music notes, love letters, and drinks dance across your nails in a melodic ensemble.

X020 GeoWild Blooms seamlessly blends animal prints with vibrant florals. A harmonious convergence of nature and geometry, this plate offers a versatile canvas for the contemporary and the chic.

Let the harmony of styles unfold on your fingertips, creating a masterpiece uniquely yours; grab your new Nicole Diary plates today!