Get your nails ready to sparkle with a restock of Cadillacquer polishes! Brace yourself for a nail transformation like no other with tons of bright colors and a dazzling display of color-shifting magic!

Take a look at this fabulous lineup:

Piece of Mind: Get lost in a dreamy purple sea with mesmerizing color-shifting flakies! Let your nails do the talking while your mind finds its happy place.

Butterfly Kisses: Flutter your way to beauty with this vibrant red polish, accompanied by color-shifting flakies. Prepare to make hearts skip a beat wherever you go!

Strawberry: Charge up your look with an electrifying red polish, bursting with stunning color-shifting shimmer! Warning: May cause strawberry-induced cravings wherever you flash those nails.

Summer Nights: Dive into the enchanting indigo depths of this polish, radiating with color-shifting shimmer. Let your nails become a starry night sky that captures attention wherever you roam!

Tranquility: Find your zen with this cool green polish, infused with serene color-shifting shimmer. Your nails will be an oasis of calm in the chaos of the world! 

Bittersweet: Brighten up your day with a burst of juicy orange, highlighted by playful color-shifting shimmer. This polish is like a sunny slice of happiness for your nails! 

Wednesday: Add a touch of mystery to your mani with this black base polish, enhanced by teal and purple magnetic shimmer. A mystical look for devious nails.

Wild Horses: Unleash your inner free spirit with this flash-reflective polish, shimmering with a breathtaking blend of blue and purple color-shifting magic. Your nails will be the talk of the wild!

Plus so many more stunning shades to choose from, so don't miss out on this restock of Cadillacquer polishes!