Get ready to elevate your nail game with tons of mesmerizing new polishes from Emily De Molly! Whether you're seeking a subtle allure or a bold statement, here's an array of captivating shades and unique effects designed to make your nails stand out in style. So, prepare to indulge and check out some of the new goodies!

Discover comfort with A Place For Us - a dark teal green with iridescent flakes and a shifting magnetic effect. Unlock your inner charm with All You Want to Be - a dark blue polish with enchanting shimmer and holographic micro flakes. Dare to flaunt your style with Care to Dare - a bright green to forest green thermal polish with color-shifting flakies. Blend your thoughts and secrets with Dear Diary - a neon pink polish with stunning blue shimmer. Unveil a captivating present with Eternal Prize - a pale blue polish with aurora shimmer and reflective glitters. Unleash your dark side with Good Enough - a black-to-red multi-chrome polish with shimmer and holographic flakes. Add flare with Isolate - a clear base polish with white shredded glitters. Unleash your inner wordsmith with Lost In The Pages - a raspberry red polish with shimmer and a magnetic effect. Meet iridescent elegance with More Like Me - a clear base polish with shifting aurora shimmer. Embrace subtlety with Nothing There - a pale pink polish with a captivating shimmer. Be anything but ordinary with So Familiar - a clear base polish with holographic bar glitters. Transform your nails with Still Feels The Same - a clear base polish with shimmer and iridescent glitters. Magically hold your nails with Take My Hand - a light teal polish with shimmer and holographic micro flakes. Make a stylish entrance with The Arrival - a deep purple polish with metallic flakies and shimmer. Break all boundaries with The Limits - a mesmerizing dark purple polish with aurora shimmer and reflective glitters. Experience nostalgia with Vague Memories - a multi-chrome polish with shifting colors. Step into daring beauty with Way Too Far - a purple polish with aurora shimmer. And many more captivating shades to add to your collection! Complete your nail care routine with new prep products: Fusion Top Coat, Nail Strengthening Base Coat, Peel Off Base Coat, Sticky Base Coat, and Water Based Top Coat. With a wide selection of shades and finishes, there's something to suit every taste and mood.