Dive into the new Surfer's Crush Collection from Cirque Colors and experience the ultimate wave of color with 6 bold shades featuring color shifting shimmer and a sprinkle of holographic glitter. Wipe Out - Blue base with blue to purple to green shifting shimmer and holographic glitter, Shaka - Yellow base with red to gold to green shifting shimmer and holographic glitters, Pele - Magenta base with blue, purple, and green shifting shimmer and dazzling holographic glitter, Ohana - Light blue with turquoise, blue, and purple, including holographic glitter, Mermaid Grotto - Mint green with blue shimmer and holographic glitter, and Bird of Paradise - Coral orange with gold to green shimmer and holographic glitter are here to make your nails the envy of every beach babe this summer.

Don't stop the summer feeling with the new Vice 2023 Collection that brings daring statements to life with 4 bright and bold cream colors. Stand out with neon pink Shopaholic. Let the world know you're in the know with neon coral orange Rumor Mill. Steal the spotlight effortlessly with neon light purple Klepto. Go green with confidence with neon medium green C.R.E.A.M. Pair them up with two older polishes from past Vice releases! Radiate positivity and a zest for life with neon yellow Hedonist. And, leave no doubt that you're in control with neon vibrant red Game Over.

Get jelly with it with 3 new stunning jelly polishes to gives nails a refreshing light look - Aqua, Cobalt, and Lime are here to make a stunning summer statement to your nail art. Another perfect addition to a refreshed set is adorable nail stickers! Check out 3 new sticker sets that will compliment your nails in seconds - Vice 2023 Stickers come packed with stars, angel wings, devil, happy faces, eyes, pac-man, yin & yang, lightning bolts and more for a daring experience. Gourmand brings you a guilt free treat for nails with tasty treats, from pie slices to macaroons, corn on the cob to strawberries, donuts to pineapples, ice cream cones to croissants satisfying all those cravings. Then, get ready with Good Luck with fruits, flowers, Chinese Zodiac signs, clouds, bunnies, and more for good energy and happy nails. Add all these adorable stickers with ease with new What the Pluck Tweezers with a pointed tip and rubber stopper helps you effortlessly lift, place, and adjust all your favorite stickers!