Unleash the power of animated adventures! MoYou London is hitting our store with a ton of new captivating stamping plates inspired by your favorite animated shows and comics! Get ready to embark on a journey through retro-futurism, intergalactic fun, girl power, and the world of DC Comics. Continue on to the timeless rivalry of Tom & Jerry to dreamy vacation vibes and specialized plates for super small and super long nails, we have everything you need to express your creativity and showcase your unique style with so many new plates in this launch. Let your nails become a canvas of creativity as you bring the magic of these beloved animations and heroes to life!

Step into the future and ignite your imagination with The Jetsons Collection. Explore a retro-futuristic world with stamping plates featuring futuristic cityscapes, flying cars, quirky robots, and cosmic motifs, and make a stylish statement that is truly out of this world.

Unleash the power of the Powerpuff Girls! Express your own unique style with designs featuring bows, hearts, stars, lightning bolts, and empowering slogans, Mojo JoJo, the professor, Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup, along with sugar, spice, and everything nice to help save the day from evil. Let your nails become a symbol of girl power and showcase your love for these extraordinary heroines.

Indulge in nostalgia and whimsy with the Looney Tunes! Dive into the mischievous world of Taz the Tasmanian Devil with images of tornadoes, zebra print, blobs, and exclamations on Looney Tunes 12. Express your own unique style with Looney Tunes 13, featuring Tweety Bird, Bugs Bunny, Sylvester, and Porky Pig, offering designs like hearts, stars, bow and arrows, and, of course, carrots. Let your nails reflect the vibrant and playful spirit of these beloved cartoon characters.

Calling all DC Comics fans! DC Comics Collection features nail art plates inspired by iconic characters such as Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Superman, The Joker, and many more! Let your nails pay homage to your favorite DC heroes with these spectacular designs that capture the essence of their extraordinary adventures in comic book fashion.

Enter the world of the mischievous duo with Tom & Jerry Collection. We have 6 new plates featuring designs that capture the essence of their timeless antics. From playful chases to hilarious mishaps, let your nails tell the story of this iconic cartoon with these delightful stamping plates.

Vacay Plates - Indulge in a tropical escape! Immerse yourself in the spirit of relaxation and adventure with 5 new plates filled with designs inspired by sunny beaches, palm trees, seashells, and more. Let your nails transport you to your dream getaway and add a touch of vacation magic to your manicure.

Size Matters Plates - We understand the importance of nail art that fits your unique nail length. Whether you have super small or super long nails, the 4 new Size Matters plates have got you covered. Explore a variety of patterns, motifs, and intricate details that will make your manicure stand out, no matter the size of your nails.

There is all this and so much more within this launch, so do your nails a favor and browse the MoYou London stamping plate selection here!

We're not done yet! Exciting news, nail art enthusiasts! MoYou London is coming in hot with NEW Gel Strips. Say goodbye to messy application and drying time because these pre-designed gel nail strips are here to take your nail art game to a whole new level of convenience and style! Achieving salon-quality nails has never been easier. Simply peel, stick, and flaunt stunning designs on your nails without the hassle of traditional nail polish. Express your creativity from trendy patterns to intricate motifs, there is a wide variety of styles that cater to every taste and occasion. Whether you're into floral prints, geometric shapes, or abstract art, these Gel Strips have something for everyone.